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About Staroń & Partners

Plain common sense, complete professionalism, simplicity, speed and efficiency lie at the heart of the organisational culture at Staroń & Partners.

Our niche embraces administrative, arbitration and court disputes

Our range of services comprises all types of court, administrative and arbitration disputes. This is the niche in which we aim to be the best. We represent large and small companies, non-profit organisations, institutions, regional and governmental bodies as well as individuals in local, national and international proceedings.

We don’t deal with the law, but with how it’s applied

In our work we do not deal with law but its application in relation to the facts concerning our clients’ cases. To this end, we make the most of specialist knowledge in the various fields of business in which we provide services, advanced technologies and developments in philosophy, science and life sciences. We learn through problem-solving. Our broad-based insight means we can develop litigation strategies of remarkable effectiveness.

We know there are no hopeless cases

The end result of an attorney’s efforts depends on understanding the legal and non-legal aspects of the case, taking an innovative approach to strategy as well as applying discipline and determination. This is why in our mind there are no difficult or easy, big or small cases, just cases that have been either won or lost.

We value the power of clear communication…

We talk your language, in a clear way. We will use affirmative sentences in active voice only and avoid expressions like “it seems that …” In preparing submissions to court we place great value on presenting complex matters in a clear and transparent manner. One issue always lies at the heart of the matter: Did every interested party and every witness do everything s/he should have done? The outcome of the case hinges on the answer to that question. In court – as in life – a simple argument is always more effective.

… and commitment

We handle lawsuits as if they are our own cases and our own money is at stake. Only then can we see all possible aspects of the case and find the best solution for you.

Our inspirations

We draw inspiration from the best lawyers in the world, i.e. Gary Naftalis, Iain Morley, Philippe Pinsolle, Jonathan Sacher and John B. Quinn.

Piotr Staroń
Managing Partner

Piotr Staroń

+48 601 453 000

Piotr Staroń, Advocate, is the founder and Managing Partner of Staroń & Partners. Previously he managed for over eight years the court and arbitration practice at Wolf Theiss, an international law firm. He also worked in Squire Sanders Wiater sp. k. and Beiten Burkhardt P. Daszkowski sp. k. He advised First Title, Polimex-Mostostal, Real, Baltona, Flemingo Duty Free, Eastbridge, Immobel, Polkomtel, Domy Towarowe Centrum, Mostostal Puławy, Icon Capital and Eiffage among others. Piotr Staroń is experienced in providing advisory for public administration. He acted as legal counsel for the Legal and Legislative Office of the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, advising in court disputes and participating in legislative works of the Sejm for the Chancellery. His previous professional experience includes positions in the Legal Office and Property Management Office of Warsaw City Hall, where he handled court proceedings regarding properties and liability for administrative decisions. He advised commercial ventures of the City of Warsaw – e.g. “Construction of the National Stadium”, “Wilanów Town Hall”, “Stołeczne Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej”, “Świetokrzyska Route”. He also represented the Mayor of Warsaw in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights in a case concerning property restitution claims related to the Warsaw Decree. He graduated from Łódź University.

He is a translator of English and speaks German and Russian. Licensed as a coach.

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