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Devil’s Advocate

How is it that can you lose a case even though truth is on your side? What two vital things you should never do when dealing with a case? How can you present arguments in a simple, brief, rational and reasonable manner? How should you examine witnesses and what is the difference between questioning your own witnesses and witnesses of the other party? Every attorney seeks answers to these questions.

Staroń & Partners law firm is the publishing partner for this extraordinary advocacy manual written by Iain Morley, an icon of the advocacy world and one of the most successful barristers in the UK. The book was translated by Piotr Staroń, who frequently attended courses given by Iain Morley.

Morley shares experience of his many years of practice during which he handled the toughest, high-profile cases. The Devil’s Advocate is a practical guide in which the author explains in a plain and straightforward manner without moralising what a court battle is about and how to win it.

Piotr Staroń about the book:

When I read the Devil’s Advocate for the first time I had the uncanny feeling I was reading my own thoughts. Here was the book that I’d sorely missed as I started out as a junior lawyer and then through 18 years of professional practice when I had to learn on my own through trial and error.

Read the interview with Piotr Staroń about the book.


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