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Since 25 May 2018 in Poland and all of other member states of the European Union the General Data Protection Resolution is in force.

The administrator of personal data is Staroń & Partners sp.k. (S&P), address:  Marszałkowska 111 Street, Warsaw, Poland (postal code 00-102 Warszawa). The data are processed for contact purposes, including: information on novelization of rules of law, information on judgement practice of courts and organs of public administration, and also information on events concerning actual legal, economical and cultural issues, in between by sending S&P newsletters. Processing of personal data is held upon legally justifiable interest, that is in accordance with art. 6 sec. 1 letter f. of the GPDR. The data may be also processed in case if it necessary to conclude or perform an agreement and to perform S&P’s obligations in accordance to legal regulations, that is upon art. 6 sec. 1 letter b and c of the GDPR.

The data might be transferred to entities, with whose help S&P realizes indicated purposes, including entities that realize accountancy services and administer the IT infrastructure. Application of personal data is voluntary, and within the scope of conclusion and performance of agreements pertaining to realization of legal services it constitutes requirement to conclude and realize such agreement. It is possible to report objection to processing of the data, to demand access to the data, their correction, removal, limitation of processing and to transfer them. The data are stored until application of objection, and in contractual relations – for the period of binding of a contract and after its expiry for a period resulting from regulations regarding document’s archiving, regulations regarding  expiration of claims, until the lapse of terms to apply extraordinary complaints and other extraordinary means of grievance of judicial rulings. Everyone has the right to lodge a complaint to the Chairman of Poland’s Personal Data Protection Office (Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych). Questions regarding privacy protection in S&P may be directed to:

I. General Information

  1. This Cookie Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Cookie Policy”) of the site (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) is addressed to users of the Website and it determines type, scope, way of using cookies as well as rights and duties of the user
  2. The Administrator of cookies is Staroń & Partners sp. k. (S&P); address: Marszałkowska 111 Street, Warsaw, Poland, Postal Code 00-102 Warszawa (hereinafter referred to as the “Service Provider”.

II. Collected Information

  1. During the use of the Website by the user, data pertaining to the user are automatically collected. These data are: IP address, name of the domain, browser type, operational system type. These data may be collected by cookie files (“cookies”), the Google Analytics system and the Web Beacon system and might be saved within server’s log files.
  2. Cookie files, mentioned in Point 1 are files sent to user’s computer or another device during browsing the Webpage. Cookie files memorize user’s preferences so they allow improvement of quality of services being provided, improvement of search results and accuracy of displayed information and tracking of user’s preferences. The user may resign from cookies by choosing applicable settings in the web site browser.
  3. The user expresses the consent for storing or acquiring access to cookies by the Service Provider on your device through settings of the browser installed on the user’s device. If you intend to delete existing cookie files from your device, you may do it by using options of your browser. If you intend to delete particular cookie files, you can search them through options of your browser with the key-word ”…………..”.
  4. The Service Provider uses cookie types listed below (unless indicated otherwise):
    I. Necessary cookie files – files of key importance, which make users able to explore the Website  and to use its features like access to safe areas on the Website. Without these cookies the Website used by the user may not be displayed in a proper way. These are cookie files of registered users – unique IDs granted to each user, which are used to identify them during their visit on the Website and return to the site.
    II. Efficiency cookies – they collect information on the way users use the Website, which parts of the Website they visit most frequently, and whether they receive communicates regarding errors from websites. Data collected by these cookie files are anonymous and are exclusively intended to improve functioning of the Website.
    III. Functional cookie files – they register choices made by users (e.g. username, language or region where users reside). These files may be also used to memorize changes made by the user, e.g. changes applied to text size and font type and other editable parts of the Website.  Information collected by cookie files may be used by the Service Provider for purposes of identification of user’s behaviors and content sharing.
  5. Google Analytics, mentioned in Point 1, is a system of the Internet analytics which provides insight in movement of the Website used for the purpose of conducting marketing activities.
  6. Web Beacon, mentioned in Point 1, is a file used to monitor user’s activity on a website or to check e-mail address of addressee of contents sent by the user through the website, when a message containing the Web Beacon file is opened.
  7. Third parties’ social media might register information related to you, for instance when you press “Add” or “Like” button in relation to a given social media portal during your visit on our site. We do not control nor pages of third parties nor their actions. You can find information regarding websites of social media on their pages. We recommend familiarization with terms of use and privacy policy of such websites before entering into using them.

III. Data Use

  1. Data given by the user, or collected automatically are utilized by the Service Provider in order to:
    I. provide proper functioning, configuration, security and reliability of the Website,
    II. monitor session state,
    III. adjustment of presented information to user’s preferences, or
    IV. analysis, statistics, surveys and audit of views of the Website

 IV. Contact

  1. Please direct all additional questions and information related to the Cookie Policy onto e-mail address of the Service Provider:

V. Final provisions

  1. Rules determined in the Cookie Policy are covered by Polish law.

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