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I had great pleasure and honor to participate in the Jubilee of Work of Prof. Andrzej Kidyba and even met me with the honor of committing a modest article in the Memorial Book. Prof. Wojciech Katner’s wonderful laudate speech The Excellent Alphabet of Prof. Kidyby Sensational statement by Red. Słowik from DGP I met both Mr. Katner and Mr. Kidyb 20 years ago as an applicator in a case before kig. It was strange that as a student in Łódź I knew the name of prof. Kidyby from Lublin, everyone knew this name. I read Prof. Katner’s doctoral thesis in the second year because I heard that it was excellent, and I definitely wanted to read something like this. However, the most rousing legal text I have read is a comment on Ignat’s bill of exchange law by Ignat’t Rosenbluth I was stunned at how clearly you can put problems and respond. Only the introduction to Allerhand’s Fall Law had this clarity Even the GREAT Prof. The spool with which I passed the bill of exchange law did not match that of Rosenbluth and Allerhandowawi History has come full circle for me Lublin beautiful.

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