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According to Mr. Wittgenstein, logic is like a rope bridge suspended over a precipice. This bridge shall be attached to the two highest points at the cross between the bridge and the mainland at which the bridge ends or begins, depending on the direction of the journey. These points are: tautology and contradiction.

A false step on a bridge knocks a pedestrian into tautology or contradiction. This is strange, because the pedestrian falls to the HIGHEST points. That is, coming off the bridge is kind of lifted up. But that’s the way it is.

Step ACROSS the bridge they will lose a pedestrian into the abyss, which is called Ridiculousness. In general, beyond the area of logic, tautology and contradictions.
Polish cartoonist Szymon Kobyliński or Jan Kapusta could draw it much better. Or Jan
Mleczko, but He would immediately joke and added two naked ladies.
Rafał Olbiński would present it best, however. I dream that this can happen. Rafał Olbiński: “Bridge”. Such a bridge was described by Franz Kafka in the short story “Bridge”.

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