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There are many sources of pleasure in the work of a solici counsel. There are a lot of them and they are really great. I will give you two examples:

When, at work at BEITEN BURKHARDT, we once boarded a taxi with Ignatia on both sides to go to a meeting with a new customer on a new assignment, I felt like I was in a movie called “Kojak”. Just who is Stabros and who kojak, I thought? But the feeling of joy was clear and clear. Cristal clear – say the English. It turned out to be a client, at which I climbed to my modest, but nevertheless “heights” intellectual. The client was following a Harvard MBA.
He thought with the speed and precision of Iain Morley. I wrote about it in the introduction to “Devil’s Advocate”

At BEITEN BURKHARDT, I often went to recruitment meetings with job candidates. As a rule, at 20:00. I have had the opportunity to listen to many young, very talented and very ambitious people from whom I could not learn from one. These meetings were solemn. And funny. A lot of laughter. Most with Siegfried and with Gregor. As a rule, I asked the question:

“What is most important to you is in the content of the email you write to the Client.”

There were different responses. One time someone said exactly the same thing I would say: “Customer’s time”.

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