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According to my humble non-scientific (artisanal) definition: “Client’s time is the time that the Client must spend reading (skimming and scanning) an email from a lawyer in order to properly understand the content and conclusions of this email with his own words.”

It follows from this definition that it is most appropriate to write a message to the Client immediately in a format that uses the Client’s words. And when it is necessary to introduce legal terms, clarify these terms on the client’s words. All the same as in communication with the General Court. Like writing words in a mirror image, with your left hand from the right, on the glass – in a radiolocation.

Since their first year of study, lawyers have been taught to define, define and what they are. In “my time”, this was explained by an exciting and laser-written textbook written by Prof. Ziembiński. I do not know if this manual is still in use. More next post will talk about definitions.

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