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I would like to express my admiration for the Engineers who designed and implemented the London Underground maintenance plan. I would like to do so because of three pragmatic ideas:

First, I mean, never complicating the handling of a system that is meant to serve people.

Secondly, I mean to easily organize the operation of a system that is designed to serve people and which is complicated or seemingly complicated.

Thirdly, I mean that the use of a complicated or simple system is organized so that it is pleasant.

The system That I mean is Litigation. I use the London Tube as a role model and example.
I was born near the famous station in K. This station had only 4 platforms. First, second, third and seventh. There was no platform 4, 5,6. It is not known what happened to them.

The entire station in K. was banned from shooting. I guessed that this was due to the fact that the station in K. was an object of strategic importance for the security of the Eastern Bloc and was on the list of nuclear targets of the Western bloc. I was surprised that the collapsing bridge in K. , after which I was afraid to walk, was such a serious threat to the west that they decided to destroy it there with a nuclear warhead.

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