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In addition to jurisprudence and the philosophy of law and process I experienced, a brief fascination with tax law. I wrote a master’s thesis on “Overpayment of tax”, for which I received the 3rd place in the national competition of master’s thesis in financial law announced by PWC. It was 1997. I worked in the Tax Chamber and administration. After completing the application in 2003, I found my way to the property: first at the Warsaw City Hall on the street where A. Tarski lived, then in Squire Sanders and BEITEN Burkhardt. Real estate has become a new passion -craftsmanship. From the studies in addition to 3 legal fields there was still a fascination with money theory and the phenomenon of inflation. Later, I discovered a new god, Peter Drucker. He is the best, in what and how he writes. Finally, future interests from anthropology (Ernesto de Matino) and the history of religion (Mircea Eliade).

For this I have always been interested in psychology and consider C.G. Jung to be an absolute genius. To philosophy and logic I would add the semiotics of Ch.S. Peirce and Max Bense, who created an outstanding semiotic research centre in Frankfurt. Bense shocked me when he wrote that Mr Tarski’s theory of truth is not such an extraordinary discovery.

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