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Exceptional in all respects Prof. Petrykowska taught us the law of obligations and inheritances She said: “Civil law is like physics Everything has to agree”. I listened with my mouth open I didn’t really believe I was after high school math-physical And physics is still my big hobby today Marek Antoni Nowicki was a physicist Each problem was solved in the TV studio in a way that almost every guest lawyer muddled Similarly, Krzysztof Mroziewicz I was fascinated by these discussions of physicist On human rights They were really spoken with Wittgenstein precision Or is it worth introducing physics in law studies It’s a great opportunity now After all, we have someone tailored to Copernicus Prof. Michael Heller with templeton award And you may need to go back to what she knew Professor Biruta Petrykowska I met her once on a train from Łódź to WarsawI thanked you for the physics Previously in college At the exam I amused Ms. Professor Because, as you know, the expenses of the so-called necessary, useful and unnecessary in conducting other people’s affairs without an order I called the latter “excessive” The professor laughed But I got a rating of 5 for Zachowek And the responsibility of the Treasury It was a crazy pleasure and a great fear and never an unforgettable moment

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