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On the application, lectures on administrative and judicial procedure were conducted by Judge J. Brolik about A.Bergson’s intuition, with an unusual sense of common sense. The judge lectured so that he first discussed the provision and how to understand it. He then explained the case-law which developed and corrected what could be inferred from the provision itself. In the end, he gave an example of his own practice or his own thoughts, which undermined everything he had said before.

Most often, he did so in such a way that he conducted aloud reasoning, which each time ended with the conclusion of contradictions (reductio ad absurdum). It must be said honestly and clearly that this Judge did not show off his own eloquency before us or induce it himself. Rather, he did so with the cold passion with which a forensic specialist conducts an autopsy in front of students. Judge Brolik himself knew exactly where his high-profile deliberations were, but every time he showed us a particular contradiction, he himself seemed a little surprised: that judgments and comments were often based on
the rationale that in Judge Brolik’s mind led to contradictions and a final conclusion:

– “Also as you can see it is a bit ridiculous”.

Then he added:
– “But not cheerful”.

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