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Uncle Lawrence (the youngest of My Dad’s brothers) when I was 6 years old, said a hundred times to my mother, “the most important thing is the psyche.” I didn’t know what this psyche was. Uncle said: – “If the heart get out or whatever, it is possible to live. But when the psyche get out, it’s over.” And then he talked about one lady who got out of her psyche and took her to a “madman.” That’s what my uncle said. I didn’t know the word before. Although I knew there were a lot of drivers crazy. But they didn’t export them crazy. Now, after years, I think they should. Except for those who race on professional tracks. Those it can hold at home.
And most importantly, I think I can give the eye color of all my friends, which I count in my memory. There are more than 20 of them. Only. I checked my mind quickly and I see that I know. This is the source of this mental strength. The eye color of your friends.

Actually, look at them. Fortunately, I have Your Source. I didn’t even realize. The only movie I can watch right now is “The Revenant.” In fact, it’s the only picture and music I want to look at now and want to listen to. And for nothing else. Uncle Lawrence died tragically. Greatly Venerable Mr. Sakamoto – my humbled arigato gozaimashita.

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